MY Holly Icon 2, Charcoal 2021, 100 x 140 cm                      MY Holly Icon 3, Charcoal 2021, 100x 140 cm

Drawings with medieval-modern (pre-18th century) wood charcoal.

These landscapes have been drawn with wood charcoal and this wood charcoal is over hundred, even thousand, years old. And that is something special for the artist. She says she has great respect for it. She is fascinated by the immense time span concentrated in this material. She asks herself where this wood charcoal comes from. From wood, but what kind of wood, maybe it was furniture once or burned bone rests.

When drawing she holds a piece of past times in her hands and creates something new with this little piece of charcoal. She is the nexus, the catalyst between the past and the present as if she could convey something from past times to the present by drawing on a sheet of paper. She likes the natural shade of color and does not want to mix it with other colors. For her, this wood charcoal speaks its own language. The drawing is clear, pure, distinct and elegant when the wood charcoal stands for itself. Irena Paskali loves the hardness of this material that is also soft at the same time and yet can appear strong and powerful in a drawing. The artist presents sleek perfection in the division, in the composition, in the display of feelings. Her sense for rhythm and proper balance between black and white tones is striking. Josef Gülpers Ph.D. Art historian


Timeless /Zeitlos Drawing 25 meter, St Gertrud Kirche und Kultur Cologne, Germany, 2019

KANDILO, Drawing on Canvas, 2019, 100 x 140 cm 

 „October“, 2019, 1000xm x 54 cm Museo Fernando Pena Defillo,                                                     "The Way“, 2014          " The Waterfall“, 2014

 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic                                                                                                       220 cm x 54cm                   220 cm x 54cm        

„Bride“, 2018,  „Gallop“, 2018        

200cm x 45 cm   200 cm x 45 cm          

"The Water and the Clouds“    „The Mountains“, 2011             "The Clouds“ 2012                  "Over the Bridge“, 2012                    "The Wall“, 2012

2011, 90 x 53 cm                                    101 x 53 cm                            93 x 53 cm                                      91 x 53 cm                                         89 x 53 cm

 „in front of the mountain“ 2013, 30 x 40 cm    „Before the rein“, 2013, 30 x 40 cm                    „The wave“, 2012, 54 x 80 cm 

"at a lake“, 30 x 70 cm, 2013                                                                     "over the water“, 2014, 30 x 70 cm 

Horizon 1, 2014/6, 60 x 80 cm                                                 Horizon 2, 2014/6, 60 x 80 cm 

Horizon 3,   2014, 70 x 100  cm                                                                  Horizon 4,  2014, 70 x 100  cm 

"the e extinguished fire A“, 2913,36 x 54 cm                                                                                    "the e extinguished fire B, 2013, 36 x 54  cm

" the e extinguished fire C, 2013,  36 x 48 cm                                                                                          the e extinguished fire D, 2013,  36 x 40 cm

Drawing with my own Blood, 2003, Casino Luxemburg, Hall in Tirol 2004