CONNECTONS IN THE COLLECTIONS - Italian-Macedonian parallels
Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
27 September 2018 – 31 January, 2019
Curator: Bojana Janeva-Shemova 

Opening: Thursday 27.09.2018  6.30 p.m

The exhibition will be opened by Ms. Bojana Janeva Shemova, curator of the exhibition, Dr. Ricardo Pasoni, director of the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin, Italy, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia. , Mr. Zoran Zaev, Minister of Culture, Mr. Asaf Ademi, Ambassador of Italy in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia, Mr. Carlo Romero and the Mayor of the City of Skopje, Mr. Petre Shilegov

The exhibition "Connections in the Collections - Italian-Macedonian Parallels" tries to show possible visual connections between the works of Italian and Macedonian authors represented in the collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje. These works carry different social, economic, cultural features and a historical mark from the time they were created, but one of the universal features of modernism is the equal enthusiasm by which artists act in breaking the connections with the previous artistic propositions and joining the panorama of stylistic developments in world art.
The exhibition includes works from two of the richest collections in the Museum of Contemporary Art with Italian names, such as: Alberto Burri, Enrico Baj, Corrado Cagli, Renato Guttuso, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Ettore Colla, Nicola Carrino, Luca Patella, Vittore Baroni, Franco Fontana and others, while some of their counterparts in the exhibition are Macedonian authors like Petar Mazev, Dushan Perchinkov, Petar Hadzi Boshkov, Simon Shemov, Tanas Lulovski, Ordan Petlevski, Kiril Gegoski, Irena Paskali, Boris Shemov and others.

Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje

Samoilova 17, P.O.Box 482, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

t+389 2 3117734;f+389 2 3110123

"9.bewegter wind 2018" award ceremony on Sunday, 2.9.18 at 5 pm at the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre, Auf dem Dörnberg 13, 34289 Zierenberg

2. Preis, share Irena Paskali für das Video „2202m“,

& Heinz Schmid für “Wolken über….“

The jury: (FFM) Monique Behr, Achim Lengerer (Berlin) & Joachim Römer (Cologne)

1. Preis: Aleksei Dmitriev “Suspension bridge in the clouds“, 

2. Preis, share: Irena Paskali Video „2202m“, 

Heinz Schmid “Wolken über….“,

Special Price: Adriano Cangemi 



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