Irena Paskali Heiko Jäkel, Ralf Buchholz, Sven Kierst, Wilhelm Moser,

Dreier & Hanousek, Dieter Schwabe

3. Mai  -1.Juni 2024

Vernissage Freitag den 3.Mai ab 18:00Uhr


Duisburger Str. 97



Öffnungszeiten: Mittwochs 16-20 Uhr, Freitags ab 18:00



Oceans  el Venadito 5 Edicion
opening of the biennial exhibition   19.03.2024  7:00 p.m

Exhibition: 12.03.2024-31.05.2024

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers "La Tela"

Palaudàries, 102. Jardins Antoni Jonch Cuspinera –

08402 Granollers, Spain

organisation:   siNesteSia 


Plaza Cardenal Cicognani, bjs 1

08027 Barcelona. 695 93 04 31

Oceans and textiles are the protagonists of the 5th edition of El Venadito, the art biennial committed to natural and animal heritage that is held every two years by the siNesteSia art space curated by Montserrat Pérez. With the collaboration of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Granollers, and the environmental entity DEPANA.24 artists with different disciplines and artistic languages participate in the exhibition, with their works they make us reflect and question what kind of society we want to move towards.