The exhibition Themed competition 2018 / LUXURIA will take place from 19th of January until 23th of February 2018. The opening day will be on 18th of February 2018.

Out 623 submissions, we have chosen most outstanding works, which approach these questions in a variety of ways and with a wealth of different media

Participating artists: Anna Baranowski, Cigdem Aky, Eyrich von Motz, Hyeongjong Kim, Irena Paskali, Larissa Leverenz, Linnéa Schwarz, Lisa Wenk, Monika Supé, Pia Winkenstern, Stefanie Ziegler, Tristan Rain 

størpunkt  Gallery for contemporary art

Tengstrasse 32a
80796 Munich
Phone +49 (0)89 99149958
Opening hours Thursday - Saturday 15-19h

 LUXURIA - lust describes the cultivation of a sensation that is considered urgent and pleasurable. None of the seven deadly sins fascinates us as much as lust. It represents the other, the unknown, the forbidden, the one impalpable thing which stimulates our minds to fantasize and prevails over rationality and restrained instinct. In our system of signs, the terms seduction, desire, and immoral behavior are closely related to it. Thus, lust means not only physical desire, but also erotic glare. In art and literature, this abstract idea is usually embodied as female figure, in the form of a Femme Fatale. But what happens when the traditional way of depicting allegories loses its value and how does LUXURIA takes shape in times of abstraction as well as media and conceptual art? 


 expositie „Perspectieven"

17 december 2017 - 04 februari 2018
opening 17 december 2017 15 uur
Stiftung de Kopermolen Vaals,
von Clermontplein 11 in 6291 AT Vaals,NL
Looptijd tentoonstelling:

17.12.2017 – 04.02.2018,

dagelijks van 11.00 uur tot 17.00 uur (maandag gesloten)


Russischer Salat

Vernissage:   02. 12. 2017, 18 Uhr

Ausstellung von 02.12.2017 bis 27.01.2018
Ateliers 21- Produzentengalerie für globale Kunst
Geöffnet nach Vereinbarung +49 176 7869 8300. / Jülicher Str. 21(Hinterhof) / D- 52070 Aachen