Installation - Celluloid 2020-2024

"News for free"  Installation unnd Videoperfomance,                                           Steiniger Weg /Steinweg LTK4 – Klangbasierte Künste Köln 
KARP KAMINA Artist & Researchers Platform Residency                                         Martin Luther Platz 2-4 50677 Köln,  19-27.04.2024  All Female      

14-27.10 2022 Atakpamé Togo                                                                                      Audio, Celluloid Installation. 472 x 530x400cm               

240cm x 90 cm                                                    

„Moving Images in Stormy Times“, Gallery KORA, Skopje Macedonia 4-12.10.2022                 NO ART FASCHION Roggel, The Netherlands 2023

Kunsthof Dahrenstedt, Stendal, 90 x 98 cm, 2022                                                        Utopia 1 370 x 170cm,  Utopia 2 470 x 220 cm,Straubing, 2022

Utopia 3 95 x 155cm,2022  Utopia 4   270 x 220cm, 2022                                                                                      Utopia 5 280 x220 x 170cm, 2022            Im Rahmen des Festivals  UTOPIA - Der neue Mensch , Straubing 2022                                                                                                         

Auf dem Punkt 440x 430 x 220 cmm 2021 , 

"The Door ", 300 x 200 x 50 cm, Farm studio,  Vysoka, 2021              "4 to 3!   220  x 110  x 40 cm  Farm studio,  Vysoka, 2021  

Infinty 1800 cm x 140 cm , XYGalerie Olmouc 2021                                                                             Anyway 300 x 280 cm  XYGalerie Olmouc

Invisible Border, 2019, Sommer-Symposium „Grenzen: denken und überwinden“, Hennebergisches Museum Kloster Veßra

I have been dealing with this question for many years now and unfortunately not found an answer how to overcome boundaries between the people. Even my hope for achieving this is diminishing.

Borders are drawing lines between people, limiting the Idea of humans as free, free to articulate opinions and feelings. People nowadays are connected in many areas and should use political, ethnic, cultural and environmental links collectively and individual for improving the conditions of our small planet.

Borders are dividing people, alienate people from each other, they are getting more and more afraid of cross-cultural societies. 

It seems that this is getting worse. Borders are getting stronger and more insurmountable every day. How would it be to live without borders?

It would be a beautiful life, which is currently far beyond realities ......


 EMANATION - EMPHATY , 2012, 2 min. the two channel video installation that is presented with two dialectically positioned projections telling their own story the author creates a world of poetic illusion and harmony that, in a certain way, reconciles the irreconcilable and justifies the unjustifiable. Viktorija Popova

  Word, World, Way... is an interactive installation. It is composed of three Holograms (Stereogram 3D), three Holograms (Normal 3D) three Holograms (Reflexsion).

The interactive installation "Word, World, Way....   is presenting a connection between three synonyms  with which we used to present our thoughts, our moving, our world. The Word is transferring our thoughts. It is a reproduction and presentation of our mindset. It transfers our inner World. With words we are depicting the “outside World” our inner universe. And Word, World, Way is interacting and affecting each other. It moves us in real and virtual World.

SALTY DROPS The installation consists of 70 glass balls falling freely floorwards from the ceiling and a video projection. The glass balls are filled with red fluorescent liquid with different fullness and density, which gives an ambiance of light and fluid. In the background, a video of tears falling down the artist's face is running. The video is specially toned with a sound of drops following the tears. The installation is set in a completely dark room where the glass balls are filled with fluorescent light with special illumination. In old antic times when women where waiting for there husbands during long combats and wars they collected there very own tears in ceramic jugs in order to provide the agonising sadness and pain to there returning husbands. Tears are drops which are a part of our being, and they are my first inspiration on water and liquid. They come as a product of our emotions whether sad or joyful.

Mülheim an der Ruhr, (Germany),Wassermuseum  Salty Drops Installation

Bonn Germany, Künstlerforum Bonn    

Cologne, Germany, Bunker 101     

Bochum, Germany, Kunstraum Unten

EVERYDAY LIFE / ALLTAG The Project ist composed of 8 matrix hollograms (dimension 9x9 cm) and 4 video projections with footage from the film "Groundhog day" from Harold Ramis.
Everyday Life - Alltag, the everyday life is a repetition of all our actions such as: waking up, eating, walking down the street, using means of transportation, going to work, 
doing the shopping, enjoying leisure time ... and, time and again, going to bed ... 
These all are the daily movements of modern people which are, most frequently, encircled within a week's cycle. In brief, the everyday life means getting used to and adapting oneself to one's own stereotyped feelings, thoughts and relations. Every habit we may have acquired from our proper instinct, from our upbringing in the family or from our school training is becoming an automatism. This makes me wonder about our ability to change the everyday life. 
To what extent an Individuum is able to tansform potentials that are transmitted by genes or acquired during the lifetime to good use, and what is the chance of cultivating those potentials? 
How much are we enclosed and limited by the Everyday life? 
                                         Live in a Gallery   Alltag   Alltag
                                            Alltag   Alltag    Alltag   
BETWEEN Nine sculptures in natural size, made from paper keeping there heads in there hands. Visitors are sitting between the sculptures and are viewing my video “Zwischen”. In a further part of the room I am exhibiting brains from clay , which are connected to measuring cups on which fragments of my diary are written. ( Exhibited in ACC Gallery Weimar, Germany)
 Between Between Between Between