Contemporary history is or has been captured on celluloid, it is the carrier of ideologies, agitation, information, but also of film art. The contents captured on celluloid show impressively which cultural, political and ideological developments societies have gone through in the different spheres of the world; they create cultural identity and a feeling of cohesion. The strictly drawn lines are intended to symbolize the identity-creating character of this information carrier in the early phases of moving images.

Seitenansicht, 2017, 3min, 30 sec, 8mm 

 Modern Cities with there powerfull Architectures and vibrant structures are Creators of human identities. I am looking for urban topographies, which have the power to shape people in there cultural environment. Shooting Location: Erlangen, Germany, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, Prague, Czech Republic, Dubai, UAE 

ZEITLOS, 8mm film, 3min 36 sec. 2016

 TIMELESS ... We live in a restless world, which is changing faster than ever. What was true yesterday is already meaningless today. Irena Paskali is seeking in her work "Timeless" for the never changing condition of mankind, the essence of human being. On the one hand, it is the human quest for meaning and wisdom, emblematised by the apple. The little girl, standing on the edge of a small lake, still in the need to find her way into life. Secondly, it is the spirituality of man, who strives for transcendence - depicted by the scenes around the historic center of Ohrid,  Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock, Golgatha - it is also about loneliness and being abandoned, impressive staged through the woman, whose face is not visible - and her slow steps upwards the stone stairs.ZEITLOS, 2016, 8mm

 Die Türen, 8mm film, 2 min. 08 sec, 2015

The doors ,gorgeous or easy act often how of the time like . They are


silence witnesses to the past times , let suspect how behind them


lived and suffering  was .  die Türen , 2015, 8mm